Manufacturers and Distributors of standard products often have thousands of parts.  The primary fields / values for many products likely already exists in some database form like your website or ERP System.  We can take that data and import it directly into our print jobs, saving thousands of keystrokes, eliminating errors and reducing the strain on quality control.  We can expand upon your data as we need to in our own database tool so that we can return to you not only the printed document or website, but raw data to expand your own database and utilize in future marketing projects.

The intent of data collection should always go far beyond the one project at hand to include the needs of possible future projects, greatly maximizing the value of your investment and the value of your information.


This is the most common and low cost method. We set up your page templates, mapping where each field, image is to be placed and their style and perform a one-time import. Then we save the file and can then adjust as needed, completely separate from the databased content.


This method requires a far higher level of set-up, but may be worth the effort for substantial larger product libraries.  Modern databases utilize ODBC (Open Database Connectivity) schemes.  This allows us to connect directly to the database and pull content on demand (when viewing or printing a page).  To facilitate this process, we often need a 3rd party bridge software to facilitate the connection and mapping of data.  In the end, your existing database drives the design and all edits made there automatically appear in the print documents.